What We’re About

We aren’t experts.

Rather, we’re a community of urban dwellers who have realized the importance of being prepared in case of a natural or manmade disaster.

And, if faced with such a crisis, we want to be as prepared and as healthy as possible. This is where we diverge from the standard preparedness dogma.

The usual recommendation for food storage involves lots of carbohydrates—your rice, your beans, your dried pastas—but in our view, such foods will only serve to provide an additional challenge to a survival scenario, as these foods do not promote health. Our approach involves a more “paleo-centric” way of eating, wherein the majority of food calories are derived from fat and protein. Eating in this fashion provides the human body with optimum health and thus, an optimum chance to survive and thrive an emergency scenario.

But survival is not all about food, so this website also covers skills. How many urbanites know how to perform the basic skills that were common knowledge only a generation ago? Can you sew clothing, split wood, or catch and cook a fish? This site will depict our learning journey, in all its embarrassing glory, as we take on the task of gaining at least a modicum of self-sufficiency. Such skills will serve us all well in challenging times.